We combine experience management and technical excellence to accelerate your company’s success.

"ASI are consummate professionals. Their attention to detail, care and concern for your customers and business model is amazing. They truly partner with you to help you succeed."

-- VP, Member Services

Consulting Services

Acceleration Strategy (ASI) proudly offers full service customer experience consulting:

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Management Strategy
Reporting Jumpstart & Dashboards


Managed CX Closed
Loop Programs
Speaking & Workshops
Personas &
Journey Mapping

"ASI was instrumental in helping us identify any potential issues mid-sales cycle. This allowed our sales leaders to respond in real time to each customer on an individual basis to answer their questions and assuage any concerns."

-- COO, Financial Services


About us

We believe that every company’s lifeblood is its customers, regardless of size. ASI was founded in 2011 on the confidence that CEOs of mid-sized organizations would highly value customer experience management’s ability to increase profit and reduce costs. What clients lacked in enterprise-level budgets, they made up in the drive to succeed and the commitment to being their best. We were right and both ASI and their clients have never looked back.  


ASI is Canada’s first full-service Qualtrics Partner in the QPN providing implementation and advisory services. 


ASI is on the board of Customer Experience Professional Association Toronto Network, and provides high impact consulting and training to CEOs directly and through TEC.

Derek Bildfell

Principal Consultant

Sandra Greene, CCXP

Journey Map Certified

Principal Consultant

Matthew Murray
Client Director

Randy Agyeman-Danso
Project Director

"Derek is a super hero for growing businesses. Not only does he know what to ask and look for, but he has a deep understanding of how to best use the information gathered and apply it to the business model."

-- CEO, Fastest Growing Company in Canada, Consumer Services


Qualtrics Experience Management

Packaged to Accelerate Your Programs

Closely map to business objectives and organizational structures, engage executives, and educate your team to drive actions and easier adoption.


Maximize ROI by broadening your organization's perspective from standard touch-points to an integrated experience management approach.


Get a clear understanding of customer needs, improvements to meet those needs, the resulting business value, and solutions to deliver both customer and organizational value. 


A framework of Five Core Competencies recommended for a successful CX Program: Culture & Leadership, CX Management System, Customer Intelligence, Connected Employees, & Continuous Innovation.


Receive insights for dashboard and future survey development without costing you time and personnel. Statistical, text and predictive analysis enhance actionability of these insights.


Improve your articulation of the rationale for investment of management commitment and financing, and enhance your positioning on where to focus that investment for future success in the market.

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"We value ASI’s responsiveness and ability to tailor their product to our needs, as we are in a highly dynamic environment!"

-- High Growth Entrepreneurial CEO