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Operational &
Governance Programs

ASI has several offerings to help support the integrity and longevity of our customers CX programs. These programs help ensure our customers see a pipeline of action items to improve customer experience.

Regular Governance/Insight Reviews

As an independent third party and CCXP advisor, we perform regular insight and analysis reviews to help ensure program success and cultural adoption. 

Inner and Outer Loop Training

Complete your Net Promoter System by adding the Inner and Outer Loop discipline for resolving and eliminating customer issues.

  • Engage employees to Listen, Learn and Act on customer issues as part of their day job. 

  • Show real-time improvements by creating and sharing an ongoing pipeline of identified, solved, and escalated customer issues.

  • Increase Employee Engagement by empowering employees to act and solve customer issues.

  • Improve customer relationships, Promoters, and revenue.

ROI Analysis

Customer Experience programs can profoundly impact the organization's bottom line. We help our customers develop Business Impact analyses and Executive briefings to highlight these contributions and improvements.

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