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Why Customer Experience Now

I am sure we will all agree that “2020” will be a year for the history books! We have experienced some unprecedented events which will most definitely alter our perceptions and expectations for “2021”

TEC Canada recently asked me to present a Customer Experience related topic at their “Deeper Insights” webinar series.

My presentation was aptly titled “Why Customer Experience Now”, and I covered the following topics during the 1-hour discussion:

· Back to basics - What is “Customer Experience” (CX)? · Exploring the Economic Effects on your Business · Linking CX to Business Objectives · The Path to Customer Experience Success · How do you achieve this?

I wanted to share the recording of the event, especially for those of you who are thinking of implementing a CX Program within their organizations or those who recently embarked on that journey and are facing some internal challenges.

It will provide you with a conceptual understanding of CX, the key steps to Improve Customer Centricity and then also guidelines as to what your immediate next steps should be to maintain the momentum.

Follow this link to view the recording:

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