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From Design to Delivery: Unleashing Phenomenal CX with Seamless Channel Integration

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

This week we were delving deeply into delivery. We spent a lot of time understanding what we want to do, understanding the customers, establishing a business case for the CX program in our company and now we have proposed a brand-new set of phenomenal experiences that we will deliver to our customers.

Delivery is really where the customer experience design work must start driving the value. When we are delivering our experience, it is important that we are completely aligned to our brand promise, that we are moving our clients toward the apex of the customer experience pyramid that being advocacy, and of course we need to make it effortless.

In this section we want to understand a couple of things; number one what the unique considerations are when we say we are moving from customer experience design to the delivery of the design. The Patagonia 7 bullet example is an ideal place to start. The second major consideration in delivery is the channel. The channel is any method that the customer is communicating or transacting with you. For example, you have in-store, that's still the most common channel but of course you have online, customer services, social media, mobile apps, telephone support and a bevy of intermediaries who act like the channel as well.

One of the biggest challenges of all these channels is to merge them together in a cohesive way that we typically call the Omni channel experience. “When I start working with you perhaps online through a chat bot when I need to escalate to the telephone Rep I need that to be seamless.” That is the fundamental concept of omnichannel, a seamless experience regardless of how I get to you I might start on align or I might start in store and switch to any other media how well how integrated can you make that.

One can imagine the frustrations of going across all these channels. It is only getting more prevalent as we have seen in the last year with the Covid pandemic driving many people to increase their utilization of alternative channels. Essentially what we discover is that delivering the experience of executing the transaction or executing any element of our relationship must demand the minimum effort to achieve the value required. Improving the Customer Effort Score, CES, will drive the improvements for all your customers, and the ROI of your organization. By reducing the effort what we are doing is reducing the anxiety client might experience whilst executing this particular transaction. Reduce the effort and you reduce the anxiety which removes negative emotions thereby driving up the customer's journey toward advocacy.

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