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Unleashing the Potential of Customer Experience Design: Surprising Insights and Strategies

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

What is so surprising about understanding the design discipline with respect to customer experience design? It turns out people discover this discipline is the critical connection between understanding and delivering outstanding intentional experiences.

Once we have completed your customer understanding through research, journey maps and data analysis, you are in an excellent position to drive improved experiences. We’ve looked at four compelling perspectives on how to improve the organizational effectiveness of your design capabilities.

1. At a minimum, ensure that every new initiative is assessed on the three dimensions of good design.

  • Are you providing greater utility? Are we meeting the needs effectively?

  • Is the design easier to use than other options?

  • Does the design engage on a level beyond the basic offering such as more enjoyable, or that it resonates with your brand promise.

2. Adopt the IDEO design practices that ensure the most efficient creative development of human centered designs. We follow the path of;

  • Empathize (there’s that word again!)

  • Frame the problem, and the audience.

  • Ideate, you can never have too many ideas. Collaborate and Visualize to develop the ideas

  • Prototype - get the minimum viable product (or service) and test with customers.

  • Test and reiterate back to Ideation.

3. Evaluate all decisions and prioritizations based on the Human Centered Design perspectives. Your best design will be found at the intersection of the three.

  • Feasibility - Can we execute/build/deliver the product or service.

  • Viability - Will a successful implementation of this design improve our strategic position or be a profitable endeavor.

  • Desirability - Will this design be something that Humans would want, is this the natural solution that the humans would prefer. By Humans we are referring to your customers or employees.

4. Mass ideation. You have heard of crowd funding as a great approach to motivating large numbers of people to provide a small contribution to achieve a much greater good. The same concept can be applied to using the masses to support your creative design.

  • Open Innovation is usually an initiative that is a cooperative effort amongst like minded organizations to address transcendent issues such as ending disease, or addressing industry wide challenges.

  • Crowdsourcing is the process of engaging large numbers of your customers to provide ideas and remain active in the prototype testing and evaluation process resulting in designs that are well proven from a desirability perspective.

  • Co-Creation happens when companies ask their customers what they can do to serve them better. The company, using their expertise, develops solutions for customers or groups of customers based on THEIR priorities. In the end, the company has a better solution that is DESIRED by their customers.

If you are responsible for CX, then you owe it to yourself to start trying to adopt these practices in your projects. Powerful design is probably most easily introduced through your CX governance program around the focus of driving continuous improvement of the intentional design.

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