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NPS Score doesn't matter, it's how you use it that counts!

#NPS remains the most popular measure of customer loyalty and engagement across almost all industries. As a pioneer implementer of the Net Promoter System (Copyright Bain and Satmetrix) since 2006, one would think I would be more dogmatic, but I've seen that the focus on the score is so often misplaced.

NPS provides a structure and a baseline that allows you to achieve continuous improvement. With NPS, we have the segmentation (Promoter, Passive, Detractor) that is immediately consumable across the organization. The NPS score tells us what our current customer loyalty level is, just like the bookeeper can tell us how much money we have. A good NPS program uses this information to helps us run the entire business more effectively similar to how a CFO advises on how to improve the business based on the financial records.

Is an NPS of 70 really good? Probably, but an NPS program that identifies opportunities to expand your market, manage clients more effectively, innovate more efficiently, and provide strategic alignment through prescriptive coaching is much more valuable than a simple score!

I'm constantly explaining to CEO's that you need to commit to establishing an accountable #closedloop if you want to get the greatest ROI out of your NPS initiative, whether it's a simple #SurveyMonkey model or a more professional #Qualtrics based solution.

In a later post I will discuss the importance of effective aggregated analysis of the open ended comments from your NPS Program.

Attached is a 3 minute video overview of the essence of a closed-loop #customerexperience management process. If you think this would be of value, call us, we can help you implement this in your organization.

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