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Unleashing the Power of CX Leadership: Engaging and Inspiring Success Across the Organization

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

In the words of Victor Frankl, those who have a compelling ‘Why’ can overcome any ‘How’.

As a CX Leader, you are likely charged with driving a program to improve the KPI of importance, NPS, CES or even just SAT. That might be really compelling to a few people, but this KPI doesn’t resonate well enough to sustain your momentum. You want to ensure that the CX initiative is identified has a compelling, strategic ‘Why’. By restating your focus as “Drive increased client retention by improving the overall NPS” you have the makings of a Why that will resonate across the organization.

Like Ghandi, as the CX leader you likely have a mandate without the resources to execute that mandate. Ghandi had to convince millions of people to passively resist their oppressors. No one worked for Ghandi, he had no army to control and he had no financial resources of note.

Yet he coordinated the actions of a country that achieved a mostly peaceful revolution by compelling their cooperation toward the goal of independence.

CX Leaders will need to create that compelling “Why” of their initiatives so that they can engage the commitment of leaders across the organization. These other leaders will need to cooperate in the execution of your strategies in order to achieve the vision of the future.

Who are we talking about when we talk about strategic plans? CX Strategy is really not much different than any other strategic business initiative.

  • You will need a mandate that is encapsulated in your GOVERNANCE PLAN.

  • The expectations and momentum are established in your COMMUNICATIONS PLAN.

  • Listening and understanding your customers is established in your VOC PLAN.

  • The practice of continuous improvement will be ensured in your OPERATIONS PLAN.

  • Ensuring you have the right cultural support is defined in your INTEGRATION PLAN.

  • Front line execution teams are supported and trained in the TRAINING PLAN.

  • Strategic and proactive experience engineering is managed in the IMPROVEMENT PLANS

  • And finally, don’t forget to engage the IT in your TECHNOLOGY PLANS.

Obviously, these people do not work for you, how are you going to ensure that they are viscerally engaged in the success of the Customer Experience mandate?

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