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The Essence of Customer Experience Management

I recently had a conversation with a new CEO who wanted to find subtle issues in the organization. We talked about how to use the #ClosedLoop process from #customerexperience programs to provide immediate insight and accelerate an increase in #customercentricity. Customer perceptions are the reality. They do not worry about organizational silo's or political sensitivities, they just tell it like it is! We've implemented this system in every client to great effect!

Essentially, we build a real time alerting process that identifies the perceptions that our clients hold about many facets of the business. When these perceptions are positive, we celebrate this with staff to encourage them to emulate this behaviour. When percptions are not what we expect or desire, we need to understand the issues and take actions accordingly to improve both the individual customer perception as well as the root cause that generates these undesirable perceptions.

A good closed loop system, as outlined in this video, will provide the platform for more rapid growth and lower cost of operations. As an added benefit, these systems also tend to improve employee engagement - who wouldn't prefer to talk to a happy customer rather than handling customer issues?

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