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6 Steps to a Strategically Aligned Customer Experience Management Program

CEM concerns that keep your CEO up at night!

  • "Are you a C-Suite executive that would like a truly unbiased view of how your company offerings and employees are perceived by current customers?"

  • "Would you like the ability to ensure that your brand strategy is being represented by your front line? Is your front line actually driving continuous alignment and reinforcing your corporate priorities?"

  • "If a customer identified a service improvement or inadequacy that was important to them, would you take action? Could you take action?"

ASI's Closed Loop Engagement Model provides a complete solution thatdrives continuous operational improvements which are aligned with corporate priorities. The model also improves customer and employee engagement which drives long term revenue and cost improvements. Our systems are highly customized and implemented rapidly after ensuring alignment to company’s strategy, value propositions, and desired culture. ASI systems are particularly effective where the brand strategy is well defined.

ASI has designed systems for multi-billion dollar firms down to very small organizations with as few as 75 employees. Our clients tend to have established a commitment to both improving (not just measuring) the customer engagement level as well as continuous improvement across the enterprise. When those two aspects are present in the organization, we guarantee ASI systems will drive improved customer loyalty.

Benefits of an excellent engagement management process:

1. Line of sight into your most critical processes from the customer’s perspective.

2. The ability to manage and develop the most important resource - your people.

3. Immediate improvement in customer and employee engagement.

4. Continuous operational improvement - a source of high value ideas.

5. Prioritization of the issues and opportunities based on your strategic goals.

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