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Customer Experience Acceleration For Executives

Aligning your executive team to the strategic importance of experience management is the first step in cultural adoption.  Our custom-designed programs help facilitate the discovery, benefits and buy-in for the path forward. This is an ideal place to start for an organization that is committed to launching an experience management program.

All programs are taught by ASI professionals and curated by Derek Bildfell. Most programs are delivered over Zoom.

Course Modules


Lighting the Fire:

"Why and How"

Introduction to key concepts, best practices and disciplines of CX mastery from design to management. Explore the economic impact on your business to establish the financial justification of your CX program.

Gráfico de la bolsa

Leveraging CX insights for continuous improvement

Design intentional customer experiences and implement continuous, improvement programs. Close the bigger loop by removing root causes of issues identified.


Interior del coche

Driving CX success within your organization

Develop a strategy to deliver CX in alignment with the company's brand attributes and support of the corporate strategy. Plan to achieve the expected benefits of improved Customer Experience.


Meeting business objectives through CX measurement

Define a CX framework that evaluates customer perception in a consistent manner across the enterprise. Create reporting metrics CX success. Delivering on linked CX business objectives (ROI).

Amigos en la naturaleza

Enlightenment through insights & comprehension

Define who the company's customers are. Understand their needs, wants, perceptions, and preferences through the collection and analysis of customer feedback to generate real, actionable insights.

Gente de negocios hablando entre sí

Managing CX for exceptional performance

Manage CX in a proactive, disciplined way. Assign responsibilities, drive change and develop cross-company accountability at all levels. Create a system of shared values & behaviours that encourage, empower & enable all employees to deliver remarkable customer experiences


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