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Every company is unique and the experience customers associate with the company will become the ultimate differentiator.   We work with companies to articulate or define their ideal client experience using personas and journey mapping as well as a series of current state discovery sessions.  


The ideal output of an XM Strategy engagement is a plan that drives continuous improvement of the customer experience.  This includes the Voice of the Customer program (Surveys, complaints etc.), closed loop management, reporting, training, communications plans and program governance.


platform implementations

For many companies, the vision is clear, they want to implement the Qualtrics solutions to managing the customer experience. Once this simple decision is made, then the hard work begins.  


Acceleration Strategy has a team of CX experts with over 5 years Qualtrics project experience available to help ensure you get started quickly with a robust long term platform. We will prepare a custom plan to ensure the team is effective and provide the support and guidance as needed through the life of the project. We’ll even step in to execute your projects if you find yourself short on resources!

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managed cx closed loop programs

The closed-loop management of customer and employee feedback is the most powerful concept in experience management.   Implemented effectively, a closed loop model will provide the CEO with an unfiltered view of many dimensions of the company.  This is incredibly important during transitions such as acquisitions and executive level reorganizations.   Customers will feel more engaged because they will feel you listen.   And the company will be more profitable because it is focused on creating value for the customer on their terms.   


At ASI, we create customer experience systems that drive continuous improvement of your company's products and services. Our main outcome metric is usually the Net Promoter Score (NPS) which uses an 11-point scale to determine how likely a respondent is to recommend your product or service.  We have built a structure around this that is incredibly intuitive to implement in any organization. 

We prescribe a Closed Loop system in which management is contacted immediately about issues and opportunities as we discover them. Management then has the responsibility to get in contact with the respondent to understand their issue and do what they can to resolve it. By understanding the problem, you have a chance to change their view about the company's product or service which in turn leads to a positive change in their perceptions.  


The results of the feedback process is aggregated for use in enterprise analysis and strategic planning.  The next time your CEO is talking to a client, he has access to unfiltered responses from the client, which will allow the CEO to be more connected with every customer!

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Personas & journey mapping

Map REAL customers and REAL journeys, not IDEAL customers or ASSUMED journeys.



Start off on the right foot with personas that capture customer motivations and where your brand fits in their lives. We combine customers' feedback (X data) and spend behaviour (Y data ) to prioritize existing best customers and those with highest potential.


Journey Mapping  

With our outside-in approach to journey mapping, you will uncover what you're likely too close to see - like where in the journey your customers are most at risk, where you're wasting money, and even where you're rocking it.  You'll get a map and transformational action plan tailor-made to your business.

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REporting Jumpstart and Dashboards

Reporting Jumpstart:

Using a third party like ASI often adds a level of objective integrity to the recommendations.   Most people have an idea of the questions that they want to ask, and often will build or hire someone to ask their questions through any number of data collection tools.   When it comes time to take action, collating and understanding the information collected can be a major stumbling block.

Sometimes the resources and capabilities are not available.  Other times your team does not have the confidence to move forward.   ASI will provide the context and experience required to conduct a compelling analysis of your survey results.   We use advanced tools from Microsoft, Google and Qualtrics to complete the analysis.  We try to use tools and output formats that you are most comfortable with. 


Key Activities

  • DISCOVERY - Discovery/scoping call(s)

  • SCOPE  Client review and approval of pre-analysis outline report (may include up to 1 revision)

  • ANALYSE  Analysis of experience and operational data (using Stats iQ, Predict iQ, Text iQ, MS BI) and construction of the final report

  • PRESENT  Up to 2 hour presentation of final report, including Q&A

Dashboard Development: Once you have an operational program, we recommend you create dashboards. Get the most out of your customer experience programs with dashboards and analytical reviews that reveal actionable insights. Our dashboards highlight the performance and operations of your CX program against the performance of your business.

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Program Wellness checks

ASI has been building complex operational Customer Experience management systems for over 12 years. We don’t build measurement systems, we build management systems that drive revenue and continuous improvement.


As a by-product of our projects we have built countless utilities, procedures and techniques which ensure efficiency and data integrity of the program. We have also reviewed programs regularly to recommend and implement improvements across the organization from operations to offering development.

The key to an effective system is to look for the sources of consistency as well as the sources of greatest change in your program. We use technologies and documented procedures to allow the program to remain flexible while maintaining design and data integrity.

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Speaking & Workshops

ASI has built and managed dozens of customer experience management programs. We provide executive training in customer experience management. We focus on ensuring the economic benefits of improved experiences are well understood by the team. 


Having the right motivation at the outset leads to a more engaged audience during the ensuing training. As clients begin to internalize the benefits of improved experience management, they will be able to make justified investment plans to expand and optimize their initiatives.