Implementation & Technical Support

A CX program enhancement led by a CX expert who will deliver a CX Transformation Road Map. We identify XM potential for your organization and the path you need to achieve it.

Key Benefits

  • Embeds initial CX implementation to maximize the ROI of that program
  • Broadens your organization's perspective from standard touch-points to an integrated experience management approach
  • Develops a path toward greater Customer Centricity, highlighting the involvement required across the entire business
  • Articulates a vision and roadmap for the experience program as it grows in sophistication in coming years



Clients's current state of CX integration


Actions required to further embed a CX framework



The future CX integration goal

Identify specific actions around People, Metrics, Communications and Governance 



Transform the future state goal into the actions required to get there in an action-oriented road map that details timelines, dependencies and required actions 



Receive additional remote coaching at 1, 3 and 6 months post workshop to help identify emerging barriers, actions to overcome challenges and to celebrate quick wins 

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Closely map to business objectives and organizational structures, engage executives, and educate your team to drive actions and easier adoption.

Advisory & DESIGN
Advisory & DESIGN

A framework of Five Core Competencies recommended for a successful CX Program: Culture & Leadership, CX Management System, Customer Intelligence, Connected Employees, & Continuous Innovation.

Implementation & Technical Support
Implementation & Technical Support

Improve your articulation of the rationale for investment of management commitment and financing, and enhance your positioning on where to focus that investment for future success in the market.

Operational & Governance Programs
Operational & Governance Programs

Receive full-spectrum executive training, focussed on team growth, understanding, and fully capturing the financial benefits of improved experiences for your staff and customers.

Education & Training
Education & Training