Journey mapping

Customer Journey Mapping enables clients to prioritize resources and funding, clarify roles, and identify critical moments that matter by visually mapping the various steps and emotional states which customers experience while interacting with the client’s company.
If you are new to Journey Mapping we suggest that you start with our blog Uncover 7 Crucial Insights With Journey Maps.

Key Benefits

  • Clear understanding of customer needs
  • Clear focus on the potential resulting business value
  • Identify what's getting in the way, or could be improved, in order to meet customer needs
  • Design solutions that deliver both customer and organizational value

Key activities


The journey to be mapped during the workshop (Full lifecycle journey or specific journey)

What team members to invite to participate in the workshop

Preliminary journey touchpoints



The CX Expert will conduct up to eight one hour interviews with employees & customers by telephone to give further depth to the journey and persona design.



Two customer personas and two customer journeys will be drafted and discussed.  These will be used in the workshop.



The CX Expert will provide a half day on-site training course for nominated company staff who will then in turn become assistant ‘team coaches’ for the main workshop.



The CX Experts will facilitate a two day onsite interactive workshop. Requirements for the workshop include:

A conference or training room or facility that would accommodate the workshop participants and their ability to move around the room freely during interactive sessions as well as sit together in groups of 5-7.



The Qualtrics Approved CX Expert will hold a one hour remote meeting to present the outputs of the workshop & also provide a graphical representation of the personals and journeys.

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Closely map to business objectives and organizational structures, engage executives, and educate your team to drive actions and easier adoption.


Get a clear understanding of customer needs, improvements to meet those needs, the resulting business value, and solutions to deliver both customer and organizational value.

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Receive insights for dashboard and future survey development without costing you time and personnel. Statistical, text and predictive analysis enhance actionability of these insights.


Maximize ROI by broadening your organization's perspective from standard touch-points to an integrated experience management approach.


A framework of Five Core Competencies recommended for a successful CX Program: Culture & Leadership, CX Management System, Customer Intelligence, Connected Employees, & Continuous Innovation.

business impact of cx

Improve your articulation of the rationale for investment of management commitment and financing, and enhance your positioning on where to focus that investment for future success in the market.