Education & Training

Educating our Clients on the foundation and framework of XM drives positive program results across your organization. We offer a customer-focused analysis of CX survey and operational data, presentation of an executive summary, and a full report of analysis results followed by a prioritization strategy as well as recommended next steps.

Key Benefits

  • Clear understanding of customer needs
  • Clear focus on the potential resulting business value
  • Identify what's getting in the way, or could be improved, in order to meet customer needs
  • Design solutions that deliver both customer and organizational value
  • The program design is targeted at closely mapping to business objectives and organizational structures
  • It will help educate your teams, engage executives and secure cross-functional input in the overall design of the program
  • Drive easier adoption and enable your teams to drive actions. 
  • Our design workshop covers the following topics: Survey Design; Sampling; Closed Loop Process Design; Dashboards; Communications Planning & Governance .

Key activities


Discovery/scoping call(s) (up to 2 hours)



Client review and approval of pre-analysis outline report (may include up to 1 revision)



Analysis of experience and operational data (using Stats iQ, Predict iQ, and/or Text iQ) and construction of the final report



Up to 2 hour presentation of final report, including Q&A

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Closely map to business objectives and organizational structures, engage executives, and educate your team to drive actions and easier adoption.

Advisory & DESIGN
Advisory & DESIGN

A framework of Five Core Competencies recommended for a successful CX Program: Culture & Leadership, CX Management System, Customer Intelligence, Connected Employees, & Continuous Innovation.

Implementation & Technical Support
Implementation & Technical Support

Improve your articulation of the rationale for investment of management commitment and financing, and enhance your positioning on where to focus that investment for future success in the market.

Operational & Governance Programs
Operational & Governance Programs

Receive full-spectrum executive training, focussed on team growth, understanding, and fully capturing the financial benefits of improved experiences for your staff and customers.

Education & Training
Education & Training