Advisory & design

Using CX best practices & frameworks, a Qualtrics Approved CX Expert will conduct Program Design Workshop sessions to collaboratively design all of the elements of a successful CX Solution focused on creating organizational readiness and establishing processes to drive business actions. Following these sessions, our team will provide ongoing guidance to help finalize decisions in order to design all of the elements of a successful CX Solution.

Key Benefits

  • Identify what's getting in the way, or could be improved, in order to meet customer needs
  • Design solutions that deliver both customer and organizational value
  • The program design is targeted at closely mapping to business objectives and organizational structures
  • Help educate your teams, engage executives and secure cross-functional input in the overall design of the program
  • Clear understanding of customer needs
  • Drive easier adoption and enable your teams to drive actions. 
  • Clear focus on the potential resulting business value

Key activities


Understand the CLIENT’s business context and program aspirations. Consultants will conduct up to eight one-hour stakeholer interviews to understand your business, goals, metrics, risks, segmentation, and reporting needs.

Prepare workshop materials such as best practice design frameworks, design templates and case studies. Two customer personas and two customer journeys 
that are relevant to the CLIENT will be drafted and explored.

Facilitate an onsite design workshop with key stakeholders to collaboratively work through program design elements and key design considerations with nominated employees given training to become assistant 'team coaches' for the workshop.

The Consultant will facilitate a two-day interactive workshop and 
will document and share the outcomes at the end of the workshop. We will make best-practice recommendations around the design of your solution and then review and refine it with you. Also, we will complete an Executive Brief, intended to secure buy-in and socialize program decisions.


Based on input from stakeholder interviews, design workshop and review of the executive brief, Consultants will hold a one-hour remote meeting presenting a final Program Design Specification document that details the design decisions that will be handed off to Implementation Team. The Consultant will conduct 3 follow-up sessions at 3 months, 6 months and 9 months following this hand-off, to ensure the program launched as planned, address any questions, help overcome challenges, and advance program maturity. 

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