Hybrid Plan

Does this sound like you?
Your company has limited CX experience and resources. You require expert support to gather, analyze, and determine which insights to act on first to impact results sooner.

Here's How We Help:


  • Strategic Alignment
  • Drown-Proofing Workshop
  • Initial Assessment
  • High-Level Road Map
  • XM Software Selection Advice


  • Personas & Journey Maps Workshop to Define Current & Future State

  • XM Platform Configuration

  • XM Platform D Development

  • Relational Survey Design & Programming

  • Survey Deployment

  • Case Management

  • Results Scorecard & Dashboards


  • Quarterly CX Council Participation

  • Action Plan Consultation

  • Churn Predictor (Data-Dependent)

  • Training As Needed

  • Workshop For Continuous Improvement

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You are a CX Champion. You're looking to start fast and begin capitalizing on loyalty economics and closed loop customer experience management.


You have a committed team running CX but would value an expert set of eyes to assess ways to get more value out of your program faster.

Managed Services

Your company has an Executive CX Champion. You prefer to outsource program management to experts rather than build an internal team.