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No One Better Understands Needs of Canadian Business Leaders

TEC is here for Canadian leaders and Canadian businesses first. Built on 60 years of business expertise, TEC packages a perfected and powerful approach that is unrivalled. From a solid foundation of expert Chairs and partners we stand united for mutual success.


TEC understands and respects the unique needs of today’s business leaders, harnessing the strength and accountability of the group. TEC is open-minded and offers a safe arena to expand in the face of challenges. We light the path, blaze the trail and drive growth.


As you progress through Canada’s most comprehensive executive and leadership development program, you’ll find yourself transforming. You’ll approach complex issues and uncertainty with more confidence. Acquire the ability to make better decisions in your business and personal life. Be ready to advance to the next level.

Derek Bildfell - Customer Experience Resource Speaker


You will discover how to use customer experience feedback to drive your business to grow more profitably. When you systematically manage the customer experience, your organization experiences greater conversion of new business, higher profitability from current customers, improved employee engagement and continuous improvement across the enterprise. 

“Derek is super hero for growing businesses. Not only does he know what to ask and look for but he has a deep understanding of how to best use the information gathered and apply it to the business model.”


– CEO of Fastest Growing Company in Canada according to Profit 500, 2017

Derek Bildfell: TEC Speaker Bio


You have a committed team running CX but would value an expert set of eyes to assess ways to get more value out of your program faster.


Your company has limited CX experience and resources. You require expert support to gather, analyze, and determine which insights to act on first to impact results sooner.


Your company has an Executive CX Champion. You prefer to outsource program management to experts rather than build an internal team.


Quick Start

You are a CX Champion.  You're looking to start fast and begin capitalizing on loyalty economics and closed loop customer experience management.